A better life in Frankfurt (Oder)

10 key points of Bündnis 90/Die Grünen - Bürgerinitiative Stadtentwicklung for the 2024 local elections

1. make Frankfurt climate-neutral

We finally want an ambitious climate concept with concrete measures to make Frankfurt a climate-neutral city by 2040 at the latest. We need a cross-border heating concept and a cross-border energy supply from renewable energies. Our city center should become a model area for climate-adapted city centers. To advance climate protection, we want a climate protection manager in the city. Municipal utilities, public transport companies and the municipal housing corporation must provide better support for citizens, e.g. with photovoltaics, green electricity and e-mobility.

2 Frankfurt - the Oder at its core, the environment in focus

We continue to campaign for a stop to the expansion of the Oder in order to preserve the Oder as a natural river and reduce the risk of flooding. We want more trees to be replanted than cut down in our city and new habitats to be created for insects and small animals. We are committed to improving animal welfare in our city. We are calling for a deposit system at municipal events and a concept for waste avoidance in the city administration. Our drinking water must be completely free of sulphate pollution in the future.

3 Frankfurt - a vibrant center, livable suburbs

We want a vibrant city, which is why the development of the eastern side of the square (Markt) and Slubicer Strasse must proceed quickly. We want to revitalize the city center with the technical town hall and a 4-star hotel. We want to preserve the linden trees in the Magistrale, as they are important for the microclimate and the quality of life. Brunnenplatz should become an attractive place in the middle of the city center - not a parking garage. We want to create and maintain good and affordable living space in all parts of the city and districts. We want at least one public playground in every district.

4 Frankfurt - climate-friendly and accessible transportation

We want to create more and safer cycle paths and renovate sidewalks to make them accessible. Local public transport, cycling and walking must be promoted and treated equally with car traffic when it comes to the allocation of traffic areas. We want to improve the tram and bus network and introduce car sharing to reduce car traffic in the city center. For us, this also includes a traffic trial for a car-free Magistrale. A public transport ticket should not be more expensive than parking in the city center. We reject another city bridge for car traffic. We will continue to fight for the stop at Booßen and the expansion of the tram network - with the prospect of extending it to Słubice.

5 Frankfurt - digital, modern and in close contact with the people

We want services for citizens without unnecessary waiting times, including at the registry office and immigration office. The digitalization of the administration must progress rapidly and even more administrative services must also be offered digitally. We want to expand participation opportunities for citizens and add digital formats, e.g. through the further development of the Frankfurt app and a transparent, digital city council meeting with a live stream. We want to create more programs in which children and young people can participate and have a say, for example by setting up a children's and youth advisory council or a youth parliament.

6 Frankfurt - socially secure and well cared for

We want everyone to have access to healthcare and social support services - from pregnancy and birth to care in old age. We want to continue to consistently combat child and family poverty and ensure participation for all. In order to attract specialists, midwives, therapists and nurses to our city, we want to make the Medical Association (Ärztekammer), health insurance companies and healthcare associations more accountable and, as a city, make attractive offers to retain specialists and set up practices.

7 Frankfurt - modern and sustainable educational opportunities

We are committed to ensuring that the repair and modernization of daycare centers, schools and sports facilities is a key priority in our city. We want to support the providers by creating good framework conditions in our city so that they can find more specialist staff. We need functioning Wi-Fi and free menstrual products in all schools. We want more regional food and accessibility in our educational institutions. We want to strengthen and support the European University Viadrina, for example by establishing new institutions such as a Ukraine Center. In order to protect our democracy, we want to strengthen extracurricular learning and political education.

8 Frankfurt - Diversity in our cultural life and culture of remembrance

We want to maintain and financially secure the range of cultural institutions, the independent scene and grassroot initiatives in our city. We want to bundle administrative tasks in the cultural sector more closely. We are committed to a city-funded socio-cultural center in the city center so that creative artists can work together better and cultural diversity becomes even more visible. We want to accompany the conversion of the old cinema with interim uses. We want to preserve art in public spaces and anchor the Stasi document archive and our memorial sites more firmly in the city's culture of remembrance.

9 Frankfurt - an attractive business location and nature-oriented tourism

We want to strengthen existing companies and keep them in Frankfurt. Regional value creation is particularly important to us. We are one of the few municipalities that still have industrial and commercial sites, and we want to make use of this opportunity and create good conditions for new companies to settle here. Fruit cultivation should be preserved and promoted as a traditional economic sector in our region. We also want to make the city center attractive for tourism and ensure the rapid redevelopment of the Helenesee.

10 Frankfurt - European and open to the world

All people who live, learn and work in our city should feel at home here. That is why we want to promote civil society initiatives for social diversity and the intercultural opening of the administration. We want to create good conditions for access to the labor market for migrants in order to counter the labor shortage. We stand in solidarity with refugees and reject stationary border controls. Women must be better represented and protected from violence. We want to provide better support for queer people. We want to further promote the growing together of our German-Polish twin city, e.g. through a joint swimming hall and more Polish language courses from nurseries to adult education centers.